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Kings of Kung Fu is a ultimate fighting game ONE on ONE FIGHTER. Kings of Kung Fu: Masters of the Art is a passion project that pays homage to martial arts cinema. Fans of Kung Fu cinema rejoice! Kings of Kung Fu was developed mainly for fans of classic Kung Fu flicks and designed to be playable by gamers from casual to mid-core so that anyone can pick it up and have fun. Players are challenged by a mysterious fighter called Red Ronin to take on the role of one of 14 martial arts stuntmen and compete in a one-on-one tournament to prove their worth to win a starring role in the studio’s next big film.

Selectable fighters include Tao Lung the Chinese Boxing Master, Chen Fu the master of Drunken Style, Ron Jones and his fierce Shorun-ryu Karate, Hou Feng with his wild and deadly Monkey Style, Lo Wei the Shaolin Master, John Deux is top of his game in Kickboxing, Ju Mao a champion of Hapkido and the Muay Thai Master Chang Tai. Not to mention The White Stallion master of Shotokan Karate, Lo Chi the grappling brawler, master of both Karate and Ninjitsu Ken Suguri, and Yuen Wong with his mix of Wing Chun and various Kung Fu styles. Also tossing their hats into the tournament for a chance at stardom are two new stuntmen: Jane Fury and Shen Wu.


14 character roster – plus 1 boss character
15 unique and dynamic background stages inspired by classic films
100+ unique moves per fighter (including special moves and throws)
Soundtrack contains over 20 songs influenced by classic Kung Fu films and old-school style hip hop
Fight against the computer in Arcade Mode or match skills against a friend in Local Multiplayer Matches
Steam Support: Partial Controller Support, Achievements.

Kings of Kung Fu Screenshots

KINGS OF KUNG FU Game ScreenshotsKings of Kung Fu PC Game ScreenshotsKings of Kung Fu Game PreviewKings of Kung Fu: Masters of the Art PhotosKings of Kung Fu Video Game Images

Kings of Kung Fu Game Trailer

Kings of Kung Fu System Requirements
System= Pentium IV CPU 2.4 GHz
Size= 707 MB
Video Memory= 256 MB
OS= Windows 7, 8/8.1 and Windows 10


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