How To Recover/Restore Deleted Messages On WhatsApp

Restore Deleted Messages

Now its simple to recover anything which are less than seven days old, you have to just uninstall the whatsapp and re-install it, because whatsapp automatically create backup file of your whatsapp data everyday at 4 AM according to system time. This data backup file is stored in your mobile SD card. so when you re-install whatsapp it will show you  Restore option, simply click on it and all data which is less than seven days old will be restored.

Recover chat which is older than seven days

If you want to restore chat which is older than seven days then simply follow these  methods which are given below. So there are two methods through which you can recover chat which is older than seven days.

Method 1st:- Manually Recover Old chat

  • As we told above whatsapp create automatically backup file of your data and it stored in SD card.
  • The route of stored data is:- sdcard/Whatsapp/Databases. 
  • When you find Database you will see different files which looks like “msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.db.crypt”. The YY-MM-DD is on which year, date and month the file is create.
  • So first you have to change the name of  “msgstore.db.crypt” file rename it or add some other word/character before the “msgstore” like “Old” or etc.
  • Now check out the other files which are saved on the different date. Select the file which is created before your deleted messages. And rename it “msgstore.db.crypt”
  • After rename the selected file uninstall your whatsapp and re-install it and selectRestore option. It will restore your all chat which were deleted after the date of selected file.

Method 2nd:- Recover Deleted Chat Through Software

Note:- After connecting mobile phone with PC/Laptop via USB enable the USB Debugging option in the mobile phone. Simply Go Developer option >>> USB Debugging and enable it.
Step 1:- First download Android Data Recovery Software. It will restore your all whatsapp data like messages, images, audio and videos.
Step 2:- After installing Android Data Recovery connect your mobile phone with PC/Laptop via USB.
Step 3:- It will automatically detect your device and start processing. After that click on Next and select option what you want to recover.
Step 4:- Now click Next.

Another Whatsapp Recovery Tool (Online)


There is also a online tool Recover Messages, with the help of this tool you can also recover your whatsapp deleted messages. This is a free online tool which can extract the contents of backup file. simply connect your mobile phone with your computer and Go recover messages site select the backup file from Database which you want to restore like  “msgstore.db.crypt” and start process. It will restore your deleted whatsapp messages. You can only read

Find Deleted Images, Audio and Videos (From Conversion)

If you worry about that you delete images, videos and audios from whatsapp chat then don’t worry because it is not permanently delete from your whatsapp.
  •  Go to your mobile phone File Manager.
  • Click on whatsapp folder >> Media.
  • Then you will see whatsapp Images, Audion and Videos folder.
  • These are the folders where your whatsapp Images, Audios and Videos stored. You can also check this on your computer by connecting your mobile phone via USB.
I feel that these tips will be helpful for you. In case your whatsapp whole database is deleted then there is no way of recovery at this time.
By the way if had any kind of issue after implementing these recovery tips must leave your issue in comments.

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