How To Download Whatsapp Images/Videos From Bluestacks On PC.

Bluestacks is one of the most well-known software program or emulator which helps us to run android apps or games on home windows and Macintosh or different platforms. The majority want to run Whatsapp utility on their computers in case you don’t recognise and need to run Whatsapp on your pc or pc then study this newsletter the way to run Whatsapp on your laptop or computer. It is found that Whatsapp is the most famous messenger or application which can be run on Bluestacks. You could run any android utility that you are wan to run to your laptop or pc, you can run via Bluestacks because Bluestacks provide a platform like android which you may see to your laptop or laptop and play any video games or apps on your pc.
Android market is the famous and fine wherein you may download and share any utility and most of the developers select android marketplace because they can earn sales from there. So that you can also download and earn cash from android apps and there are numerous other enterprise android apps at the android play store which can assist your business.
In bluestacks they’re not provide any button from wherein we will down load or upload motion pictures or pictures, So the general public don’t understand a way to download whatsapp photos from bluestacks but don’t right here we’ve discover a few method and with the helpful this you can without problems download whatsapp pictures and motion pictures from bluestacks.

Download Whatsapp Media Files From Bluestacks To PC

#1. Open Bluestacks and download ES File Explorer from app store and run on your bluestacks.

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#2. Open es file explorer

bluestack box

#3. Click on WhatsApp folder.

es file explorer

#4. Then Click on Media.

media folder

#5. After that Click on WhatsApp Images folder.

whatsapp images folder

#6. It will open the folder where your all images are placed. Tap on any image you want to save.
Then click on More button on the bottom ride side and then click on Copy to button.

 all images

#7. It will open you new dialogue box and then click on Windows.

click on windows

 #8. Then click on BstsharedFolder or any other folder. This will be the folder on your PC or Laptop  where you can save your whatsapp images or videos.

select bestsharedfolder

 #9. After this click on Ok and it will copy all your whatsapp images on your windows folder where you save your whatsapp images.

click ok
You can also upload images or videos and sent your friends through file ES File Explorer. I Hope you can understand all the steps because these are the simple steps but if you face any problem regarding these steps then feel free to ask.

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