How To Convert Facebook Profile Into Page – 2016

Fb is extraordinary place for meeting peoples, becoming a member of them or also for making lovers all round world. Fb admire their users and that they want to introduce the entirety what their person need.
Now right here i am going to introduce any other fantastic facebook topic about converting personal facebook account into enthusiasts web page. I’ve already written an editorial on this subject matter but due a few occasions and confusions on readers side, I determined to intricate this migration function again.
Many customers have doubt this is it viable to do.?
Genuinely yes, fb introduce migration function due to the fact fb account have drawback of 5000 friends. So is you’re using fb for business reason or in case you are big big name or famous persona….:D 😀 and you’ve got lots of lovers following then you definately non-public account will lessen your enterprise to grow fast. So the handiest viable way is if convert your account into a enthusiasts or business web page

What will happen if you use this feature for your account ?

I understand every need to make it’s on name page with plenty of fans however is it alternative useful for you.?
First of all you have to understand all component about how it’s work and what’s going to be it’s results.
In case your non-public account have lots of buddies and additionally too much subscribers / followers. Then through migrating account into web page converts your all friend listing and followers listing into fanatics list of your new page.
Lets take instance if have five,000 buddies and 15,000 fans on account when you convert it. Your web page will be of 20,000 fanatics. Yeah! It’s might searching proper but it has many affects after migration.
Earlier than migration, you need to know thoroughly about those listed consequences.
Migration most effective converts your buddies and fans into web page fanatics. So all of the other data will be deleted. Which incorporates your personal information, messages, apps, agencies you owner and additionally joined, fame, non-public pics, tagged pics, shared videos and so on. All element which can be relates or required account becomes unavailable. The most effective issue will left to your account is web page that you made.
If you sense that you are at right vicinity for conversion of account. Then before changing account you need to download your account statistics. To recognise greater approximately downloading account information i request you are taking a glance on my topic about

Steps to Convert Facebook Profile Into Page.

Now here come to the main part of this article for which you are waiting, If  you read all above results and after you really thing about converting you account.
Then follow all steps very carefully
  • Firstly you have to log in into your account which you want to convert. Then setup name of your account because name of your will be name of your page of if want change, then change it before migrate.
  • When you are ready to convert then go to Facebook help center and search about migrate account or visit here
covert Facebook account
  • In help center you will find full clarification about migrate and they also provide link of migration. If you are not able find then visit here

This will open migrate page, it look like same making new  page form.

covert Facebook account
  • Then select your page category like business, brand or community etc. After selecting category they get required your password as you want convert or not.
Sometime its also show this error that log in into your account from previous device you used for log in. So don’t worry it take 24-48 hours because of account security after this time period your are able to migrate
After providing password your page will refresh and start converting your account into page and wait for few min to complete conversion of all members.


covert Facebook account


After complete conversion your page is ready to use. you can also enjoy your page from existing account of also you can  make your another account as admin by email adding at admin panel.

Is this migration is reversible ?

No, This migration is not reversible so if you migrate your account accidentally with wrong name or other reason by mistake.Then sorry my friends your account is now come in great problem. Facebook is now providing a application form to appeal to reverse your page back into account. But Chances are 10% only for helpful result because this form required your ID proof which matches your account name also. So if you are able to provide then you can appeal  here
After appealing, if your application is approved by Facebook then you are able to get back your account.
At the end i feel that now this whole article clear the picture in your mind and you will understand all the part without any doubt. If you face any problem about Facebook you are free to ask me anytime. I’ll reach to reply you as soon as time allow me. I am also not able to give time to Mr Usman for new publishing because of  studies. But i try my best as possible.
So give your feedback and don’t forget to share this article if find it helpful because your efforts are necessary for us..

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