How To Change Facebook Theme Color Of Timeline – 2016

Fb is one of the exceptional and world’s pinnacle social networking website online where we are able to share our mind and enjoy with our pals and family individuals and fb additionally connecting the human beings which are lives in some distance far from us. As we realize that the color of the fb is blue and sometimes we experience dull to peer whenever the blue coloration, facebook does no longer offer any approach via which their users can customise their fb profile and exchange their subject matter from uninteresting blue to different color.  Fb isn’t open supply as evaluate to Myspace wherein users can alternate a few functions in line with their likes. But don’t fear with assist of a few Mozilla add-ons and with a few chrome extensions you will become able to trade facebook subject and you could trade any colour in keeping with your like. There are many plugins by way of with the help of you may alternate some functions like appearance, color and heritage images. Each time you may do the customization with these extensions or add-ons it’ll only appear to you, now not different customers. So here we acquire a few Mozilla and chrome extensions.

Method To Change Facebook Theme Color

Facebook Theme Creator – Chrome Extension


Facebook Theme Creator is a chrome extension, with the help of this extension you can change Facebook theme, because there are many different Facebook themes in this extension and you can apply any theme according o you.

1. First of all open chrome browser and download Facebook Theme Creator extension for chrome from chrome web store.

2. Click on +FREE on the right side. It will add extension automatically on your browser. To use this extension it will tell you sign in chrome after this you can change background , bar color and appearance according to you. To use this extension it will install app on your Facebook apps, click on themes creator app then apply any design you want.

My Theme For Facebook – Chrome Extension

My Theme For Facebook is another chrome extension for changing Facebook theme. In this extension you can change background image, bar color and appearance with your favorite color. Just download the extension and enjoy it.


1. Download My Theme For Facebook extension from chrome web store.

2. Click on +FREE on the right side. The icon will show you on the right side on your Facebook browser page. Click on the icon and it will show you dialogue box from where you can change Facebook theme according to your like.
Note:- To Remove these extensions Go to your chrome browser >> settings >> Extensions >> and then tap on  disabled or you can delete extension.

Stylish – Mozilla Firefox Extension


Stylish is a Mozilla extension for change Facebook theme. You can install any style from stylish extension it has many themes and you can install any theme according to you.
1. Open Firefox browser and download Stylish extension for your browser.
2. Click on +ADD to Firefox and it will install extension automatically on your browser. After this open Facebook and click on stylish icon on the top right side of your browser. You can manage style according to you and add new styles.
There is also another Mozilla extension Black Facebok Theme.  

Note:- To remove these extensions Go to your Mozilla settings >> click on Add-Ons and disable or delete extension from add-ons.



I hope you enjoy this trick about changing theme of Facebook timeline. If you have any question feel free to ask me.

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